Meet the Doves 2008-2009

Brittany Buxton


3rd Year



Have you ever realized that you are walking on the path that God purposed you to be on? I have! God led me to Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. early in my college life. I didn't know this is what he really wanted me to do until just recently. I realized that out of all the schools I looked at as potential college choices OSU is the only one that had ANQ! GOD IS AMAZING! Im excited to be in this wonderful ministry FOR LIFE!

Interesting Facts: In my spare time I like to sing, dance , step, travel, and play with kids!!!! If you want to talk more or need to talk about ANYTHING look me up on facebook: Brit Brit! *SMILE*

Sheria Johnson-Wynn


3rd Year

Religious Studies/ Ethnomusicology

Director of Ministry

St. John chapter 4 talks about the uplifting of Godís Kingdom through ministering to the needs of those who need it the most (Sort of like Mark 2:17 when Jesus talks about coming to heal the sick and not the healthy). Unfortunately, today it is very hard to find a ministry on campus that actually lives by these principles. Yet, I was astonished to find that a ministry called Alpha Nu Omega was actually fulfilling this commission right here on campus! After realizing this exciting news, I had no other choice but to join!!!

Interesting Facts: I like evangelizing, playing bertha (my guitar), singing, stepping, miming, composing, creating new dishes or new anythings, doing hairÖand playing with play dough and shaving cream!

Jennifer Hagood


3rd Year

Middle Childhood Education with concentration in Math and Science. Minor in Education and Entrepreneurship


I joined ANQ because I decided to allow God to guide my life in any direction he wanted, and he led me to this organization. I want to live for God and serve him in anyway possible therefore this ministry is defiantly for me.

Interesting Facts: I also love working with children. I volunteer at various centers and Iím always willing to help a child in need. I am a very goofy person and I love to have fun and crack jokes.

A'Leah Jones


3rd Year



I joined ANQ to become closer to God and build a sisterhood.

Interesting Facts:I love my family and friends. My mother is the person I look up to the most. She is wonderful and is always there for me. My favorite color is red. I have my Cosmetology license. I love to do hair and nails. I have three brothers, and I am the only girl.

Past Lines

Spring 2007: A Three Strand Chord (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Winter 2006: The Conquest of Jericho (Joshua 1-6)

Winter 2005: Grace Shall Abound

Spring 2004: Created in Six

Pre-Charter Lines